A true legacy, quality and customer friendship


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In the mid 1960´s the first unique rubber mixture, combined into a machine mount, was pioneered at Sunne rubber factory in Sweden.
Since then we have delevoped, produced and delivered professional machine mounts for the global market.

We bring a true Scandinavian legacy, still producing high performance damping equipment for industries and service providers around the world.


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We strongly believe in the importance of quality material in everything we produce, that will make for long term usage with sustained properties.

Increased savings, as a result of the professional quality damping solutions we provide, becomes a customer reality.

Certified according to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015, together with LEAN management principles, we strive for and deliver long term quality assurance.

Some of our early adopters in the 1960´s are still working closely with our damping solutions, that is one of many testimonials of consistent professional quality deliverance.


Customer Friendship

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By putting aims, purposes and goals to ensure fulfillment of business needs, we can implement the necessary actions to support your business momentum. With a transparent and open feed-back, we are ready to proactively adapt for new upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Vision & Mission

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Global leader producing and supplying high-quality vibration damping equipment

With correct quality and customer friendship, we will ensure a global sustainable ergonomic workplace for human and machine.

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